Recipients of services

Members of Obra das Mães

With the purpose of serving and maintaining good contact with members, Obra das Mães organizes activities such as dinners, short trips and study visits, allowing members the opportunity to relax.

Obra das Mães also promotes frequent participation of members in other social welfare activities in order to give them the chance to better understand the services provided and therefore encourage their willingness to help the individuals and communities who are in need.


Concession of financial allowance

Obra das Mães has maintained the tradition to express, in different ways, concern about those who are in great need. The concession of financial allowance has always been an important action of charity of Obra das Mães. Although in recent years, Macao has rapidly developed economically, there are still families and individuals who need support. Among those who are in the greatest need are the elderly and single parents, along with the elderly living on their own, poor people with chronic illness, single-parent families and those who are otherwise in great need. Obra das Mães insists on continuing the concession of the fixed monthly allowance in order to alleviate the economic difficulties of those individuals.