Charity work

Since its founding in 1959, Obra das Mães has promoted a wide variety of activities for charity and social welfare so as to give spiritual and material support to those who are in need. The organization has maintained its tradition of expressing in different ways its concern for those who are in great need in the community. The number of individuals benefited by the work of Obra das Mães now exceeds twenty thousand annually.


Visits during the spring season

Every spring, Obra das Mães visits more than ten institutions for the elderly and disabled in Macao and on the islands, offering them food and "Lai Si".


Group activities in celebration of International Women's Day

In order to celebrate International Women’s Day and the 22nd consecutive year that Obra das Mães and the União Geral das Associações dos Moradores de Macao have been collaborating on activities to call the attention of the public to different aspects of the community, a dinner is organized for the 180 single-parent families and more than two hundred children who received gifts from Obra das Mães.


Dinner in celebration of Mother’s Day

To promote a harmonious environment between society and families and to pass on the good tradition of respect to the elderly, Obra das Mães organizes every Mother's Day a dinner dedicated to the elderly. Residents from a variety of nursing homes are invited to attend, along with those who receive subsidies from Obra das Mães.


Visits to hospitalized children on International Children’s Day

Every year on International Children’s Day, the Obra das Mães Board of Directors and representatives of various government departments visit young children hospitalized at Conde São Januario and Kiang Wu hospitals, offering them gifts and comfort.


Visits during the Christmas season

During Christmas season, the Board of Directors and members of Obra das Mães visit more than ten schools and nurseries in Macao and on the islands, distributing gifts and expressing their affection to the children.


Monthly subsidies
Offer of food to nurseries and schools

Food (milk, biscuits and other items) is offered to nurseries and schools run by various non-profit organizations in Macao.


Provision of financial allowance / Help to those who are in need

Providing financial allowance has always been an important part of Obra das Mães charity work. Although Macao has developed rapidly in economic terms in recent years, there are still families and individuals who need support. Among those in great need are the elderly and single parents. Obra das Mães continues to provide a fixed monthly allowance in order to alleviate the financial difficulties of those individuals. During Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day, Christmas and the Mid-Autumn Festival periods, Obra das Mães distributes "Lai Si" to those subsidized by the organization, helping to provide joy and warmth in each holiday season.

(1) Scope of services

Provision of a fixed monthly allowance in order to alleviate the economic difficulties of the poor

(2) Recipients of services

Those with long-term illness or individuals who are otherwise in great need

(3) Procedures

Attach the necessary documents to the completed application form and deliver them to the below address:


Avenida da República, S/N, Macau


Est. de D. Maria II, No. 1, A & B,

Edf. Obra das Mães, R/C, Macau