Services provided

Obra das Mães currently runs eight institutions dedicated to children’s education and elderly care: the four Creches São João (in Costa Horta and NAPE and Taipa and UM), the elder care centres Lar dos Idosos and the Lar de Cuidados Especiais and the Complexo de Serviços de Apoio ao Cidadão Sénior da Obra das Mães na Praia do Manduco homes for elderly care and the Centro de Convívio activities centre for senior citizens. Providing monthly subsidies to families and individuals in need is an important social welfare activity of Obra das Mães. Among the various types of financial aid offered, the provision of the fixed monthly allowance is the main action to alleviate the economic difficulties of the poor.

Furthermore, through the organization of cultural and social gatherings, Obra das Mães works to increase communication and friendship among its members, to strengthen team spirit as well as help them relax. The organization encourages all opinions and comments from members, which help to improve the organization’s work. Obra das Mães encourages participation of its members in different charitable activities, including visits to nursing homes, show the love and affection for the community.