Recipients of services

i. Recipients

  1. Macao resident aged sixty-five or above. Under special circumstances, it is possible to admit an individual under the age of sixty-five,however,it is necessary to observe the guidelines of the Social Welfare Bureau (IASM).
  2. Elderly with deteriorating physical conditions, the lonely and the sick or who need special care.
  3. Elderly who live alone or with no family.
  4. Elderly with no infectious disease.
  5. Elderly with no serious psychiatric symptoms, who are mentally stable and able to live with others in a home environment.
  6. Elderly who are able to pay the fees.

ii. Vacancies: 56

iii. Monthly Fees:

           Double room MOP11,000.00
           Triple room MOP9,500.00
           Room with eight beds MOP8,000.00

Note:The above fee is calculated for each person per month, with accommodation, meals and diapers, excluding other expenses, such as prescription medication and supplementary nutrition .