Lar de Cuidados Especiais is a home that provides daily and residential care to the elderly with special needs. It is a non-profit institution that provides 24-hour service to seniors who can not care for themselves. The main objective of the services provided is to satisfy the needs of those who are admitted, such as basic healthcare, interpersonal activities, physiotherapy treatment and other needs. Workers have mastered those specific techniques in the area of ​​provision of services to the elderly, showing compassion and patience towards them, as well as responsibility and team spirit in their work. To further improve its performance, periodic training is organized in order to improve the quality of services.


To value the respect and love for the elderly, providing them with special care, especially those who cannot care for themselves or whose family members are unable to take care of them. Provide a pleasant, clean and spacious environment, with professional care, giving the elderly an enjoyable life.