Services provided

Healthcare, treatment, counselling, recreation, meals, cleaning and accompanying patients to medical appointments in hospital

  1. Daily care:

    1. Daily meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and supper; preparation of meals for the elderly admitted with special needs.
    2. Personal care as needed. Laundry service.
  2. Health services:

    1. Health services provided by professional nurses and weekly medical consultation;
    2. Medical treatment as needed, including verification of signs of life and replacement of dressing and bandage;
    3. Accompanying patients to medical appointments in hospital and contact with family members in case of emergency.
  3. Counselling Services:

    1. Services provided by social workers to the elderly newcomers, in order to help them in their adaptation and integration into the new environment, as well as periodic group activities.
  4. Physiotherapy:

    1. Treatment and rehabilitation activities designed and provided by experienced physiotherapist to the admitted elderly patients.