Services provided
  1. Educational Development and Activities
Organize lectures, educational groups and community visits related to the healthy life of the elderly.
  1. Recreational Activities
Organize outdoor activities, parties, birthday parties and participate in other community activities.
  1. Cultural and recreational activities
Organize different Classes in Crafts, Painting, Calligraphy, Singing, Cantonese Opera, Dance, Chess and Mahjong and other activities.
  1. Health Service
It has services for measuring weight, height, blood pressure and massage equipment, in addition to offering classes in Tai Chi, aerobics, softball and other activities.
  1. Social work services
Provide case/group work, resource links, referral services and organize volunteer teams for seniors.
  1. Voluntary service

Organize Voluntary Teachers, Volunteers to visit elderly who live alone and Center Volunteers, etc., and provide short term care / one-time volunteer services. ("Volunteers" can participate regardless of membership, call 2871 7801 for details.)

Office Hour

            Monday to Saturday:08:00 ~ 18:30
Sunday and Public holidays:Day off

(When the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau hoists the tropical storm Signal No. 8 or above, our center services are suspended. If the signal is lowered before 15:00, our center will resume its operation after 1 hour.)