Services provided
  • Healthcare: Treatment methods tailored to the need of each child and a safe environment for the child’s healthy growth.
  • Infant education: Activities, including games, songs and sports, to inspire children’s potential and help them become responsible, autonomous and independent.
  • Basic health: Physical examination with periodic measurement of height and weight.
  • Meals: A balanced diet with daily lunch and snack.
  • Activities: Regular meetings and a variety of activities, with parents' participation.
  • Annual plan: Preparation of a yearly plan detailing objectives and schedule.

Office Hour

The creches operate year round (except public holidays), from Monday to Saturday, 8:00am ~ 6:30pm

Whole Day :
  • Arrival time          :      08:00 ~ 9:30
  • Departure time    :      12:15 ~ 12:30 / 15:30 ~ 18:30
The nurseries remain open during heavy rain signals and tropical storm signal no. 3. However, parents are free to decide whether or not to bring their children to the nursery. When the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau hoists the tropical storm signal no. 8 or above, day care services are suspended. If the signal is lowered before 2:30 pm, the nursery will resume its operation within 1.5 hours of the lowering of the signal. If the signal is removed at or after 2:30 pm, the nursery resumes its operation the next day.