Services provided

Nursing service

Medical care provided by professional nurses, including basic healthcare, wound care,preparation of medication, follow-up and resolution of emergency cases, and periodic physical examination;weekly medical consultation;and accompanying patients to medical appointments in hospital.


Professional therapists design and teach the elderly to perform rehabilitation exercises and design rehabilitation treatments.

Daily care

Provide balanced and nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and supper every day, and arrange special meals according to the needs of individual residents;
At the same time, it provides washing, drying and personal hygiene care for the elderly in need.

Counseling services

Professional social workers provide individual counselling to assist the elderly in adapting to residential life and solve their personal social, financial and family problems;
Promote mental health activities for the elderly, group work and organize different types of activities, so that the elderly can actively enjoy a rich old age.

Training for workers

A variety of training sessions is provided to the organization’s workers, in order to improve the quality of services provided.